Earth and Space - Earth in space - Sun, Moon & Stars - G6
Development of Target


ES-A1.1 Identify the Sun, the Moon and the stars
Stars are arranged in recognisable patterns in the sky.


1 Discuss the features of day and night
2 Create pictures of day and night.
3 Talk about the Sun. Go to playground and note position of Sun. (appropriate warnings about looking directly at the Sun). Return later and note the new position.
4 Observe moon over period of a month. Present findings on a wall chart.
5 Children look at sky an a starry night and find the brightest star.
Arrange paper stars and patterns to represent the Plough and Orion.

For an alternative approach follow the link to the equivalent materials developed for the ISE 5-14 CPD programme by the South East Earth and Space (SEES) CPD consortium.