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Earth Science Education Unit workshop facilitators

The Earth Science Education Unit (ESEU) in collaboration with the Scottish Earth Science education Forum (SESEF) is shortly launching new workshops for teachers.  We are seeking individuals to lead and facilitate Earth science workshops with teachers in schools and Local Authority venues.  We are looking for individuals with a passion for Earth Science and excellent communication skills who are capable of extending and building on the success of the current project.  Commitment and enthusiasm are more important than current occupation and there are opportunities for people ranging from practising primary or secondary teachers to geoscientists in industry.

A successful workshop format has been developed, using a range of practical activities which are focussed on the curriculum in Scotland.  These provide background knowledge but also motivate, enthuse and develop the understanding of both primary and secondary teachers who, whilst they are required to teach Earth Science, have often received limited Earth Science education themselves. Initial ESEU activities will be focussed on the science curriculum at upper primary level.

Facilitators will:


·           live in or near Scotland;

·           be available to present up to ten workshops per year in their local area on a session by session basis (where applicable, employers will be required to sign a letter of release to confirm ad hoc absences - supply cover for full time teachers can be paid);

·           be a full-time or part-time teacher or an Earth-scientist from industry; on a career break or a recent retiree from one of these;

·           be an effective communicator and motivator;

·           be willing to update his/her knowledge of Earth Science, of science teaching and of effective ways of educating teachers and pupils;

·           be willing to undertake training;

·          liaise regularly with ESEU staff;

·          preferably have access to email;

·           be appointed from May/June 2004;

·           receive remuneration and expenses as agreed.


For further details visit

Applications available from: Hamish Ross, Scottish Earth Science Education Forum, Charteris Land, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AQ.  Tel:  0131 6516410.  Fax: 0131 651 6409. 

Email:  [email protected]

Closing date for applications:         Friday,  7th May 2004

Interviews to be held:                      Wednesday, 19th May 2004

Training Day:                                      Saturday, 19th June 2004

All expressions of interest from all regions of Scotland welcome

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