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Earth & Space - The Earth in space - Space & the Solar System - G18



A relay game for Space & the Solar System

by Johanna Carrie

Relay games are good for consolidation of new knowledge as well as listening to others. Pairs ( individuals if you can think of enough questions ) are dealt cards which have an answer and a question on each. The player chosen to start asks the question on their card. The person with the answer , gives the answer and asks their question. This continues round the class until all the questions have been asked. This can be timed, the challenge being to do it quicker next day; or half the class can try to listen well enough to be quicker than the others. It usually takes only about five minutes at the end of a lesson.

Relay cards on some topics are available commercially. It is a strategy used in Maths in some schools. I first came across it during an ASE meeting at Aberdeen some years ago at a presentation by Steve Marshall.

The questions on Space below are only a suggestion. Teachers can customise them when they make their cards, so that they match the experience of the class.

Sample card: note pictures are optional.

I have the sun.
Who has a man made
home, for life in space?

Sample question sequence:

I have the sun Who has a man made
e, for life in space?
I have a space station Who has the planet
which is closest to the sun?
I have Mercury Who has a hot planet, next to Earth,
with a cloudy atmosphere?
I have Venus Who has a gas giant,
with ‘rings’ round it?
I have Saturn Who has the feeling when
there is no force of gravity?
I have
Who has the planet with just the right
conditions for life as we know it?
I have Earth Who has a cold planet where space probes
searching for evidence of life?
I have Mars Who has the Earth’s natural satellite,
which reflects light to us at night
I have the Moon Who has a small planet
only discovered in 1930
I have Pluto Who has the time taken for a planet
to turn on its axis; ours is 24 hours?
I have a day Who has a gas giant with 12 moons?
I have Jupiter Who has the path each
planet takes round the sun?
I have its orbit Who has the time it takes for a planet to
complete its orbit? Ours is 364 days
I have a year Who has everything in our system and
everything else out there in space?
I have the Universe Who has our sun and the group
of objects which orbit it?
I have the
Solar System
Who has the centre of
our system in space?

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