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Hi, I'm DessyDessy the Curious Duck is star of the show

Glasgow Science Centre pioneers planetarium first for primary schools 

On Tuesday (1st Feb 2005) Glasgow Science Centre (which has one of the finest planetariums in Europe – the ScottishPower Planetarium) premiered a UK first; a planetarium show especially designed for the P1-P3 age group.  The bright interactive show has been developed using GSC’s in-house talent and the skills of scriptwriter Johanna Hall (of Balamory fame). The star of the show is Dessy the Duck - the show takes its name from his inquisitive character and blends animation, sound and twinkling stars under the planetarium dome to create a lovely children's story all about the young duck's interest in the night sky. The show won't be available to the general public until Easter 2005.

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The tale follows Dessy’s quizzical observations of the changing shape of the moon, reflected in his pond. His friends Oscar (a wise old owl) and Flora (a somewhat feisty firefly) are on hand to help Dessy as he learns about the phases of the moon and gazes in wonder at the stars as he finds out how to spot constellations such as Orion the Hunter and The Plough. Dessy and Oscar even take a trip into space courtesy of Flora’s magic stardust.

Professor John Brown, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, said of the show: “I just watched the Dessy the Duck preview and think it's great. It will increase both the outreach community and the ScottishPower Planetarium attendance."

Glasgow Science Centre’s Primary and Pre 5 educationalist, Dr Sharon Macnab, explains how the show will benefit teachers too: “Dessy the Curious Duck is a great, visual way for young children to access topics which might be challenging to explain in the classroom.  It also means that younger children are now able to take advantage of the facilities of our planetarium.” 

“The show has been designed to be curriculum linked - linking to Earth & Space- Earth in Space Level A and B. In addition to the narrated story, the Centre’s enthusiastic astronomy team is on hand during the show to point things out in the night sky and recap on learning points at the close of the show.”

 “Many children will not have seen a night-sky clear of light pollution and the planetarium gives them an unrivalled view of the heavens in a fun, educational way. At Glasgow Science Centre we want to foster a life long interest and a sense of wonder about the night sky. Dessy the Duck is a perfect way of doing just that.”

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