Improving Science Education 5-14

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Making Science CPD Accessible for All

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Making Science CPD Accessible for All - pdf file (2.4 Mb), Word file (17.8Mb)


This report is one result of a five month project by two teachers seconded from Highland Council schools to investigate the provision of effective CPD for teachers in outlying communities. 

In the report the key features of successful CPD in Science are discussed and current provision of high quality practical CPD is summarized concentrating on ISE 5-14 CPD consortia. 

Results of consultation with staff in Highland and the perceived need for CPD in Science are listed and prioritised.

The role of ICT in delivering CPD is discussed and an example of using the internet for CPD is given. 

The main findings of the study are listed along with recommendations for how CPD might be delivered to teachers in remote areas.  Detailed examples of implementation of these recommendations are given with a specimen three year plan for developing CPD for a rural local authority.





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