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Group 6 exemplar Earth & Space  - Sun, Moon & Stars (Word)

Hi, I'm DessyEngineering INTERACT - Excellent module called the Sun - forms part of a Flash investigation called Astro adventure - see also module questions and Space materials (Make sure your speakers are ON!)
See also the module called the Moon - forms part of a Flash investigation called Astro adventure - see also module questions and Satellites (Make sure your speakers are ON!)

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive - NASA

The following sites may be useful for other lessons throughout this unit on the Solar System :-
Space Images Archive   Whoosh about the Planets  
ScienceWeb - Earth, Sun & Moon (site access now costs £20/year)

Newton's Apple - Hubble Telescope     Newton's Apple - Kids on Mars
Newton's Apple - Meteors     Newton's Apple - Solar Eclipse
University of Leicester - Guide to Space & Astronomy
NASA Starchild - Learning Centre for Young Astronomers
NASA Kids - The Solar System  
NASA Spacelink Lithograph Set  - Great poster-type info

Solar System Puzzle Kit - simple & useful activity pdf file for the planets  
NASA Multimedia Gallery

Note dangers about looking directly at Sun. Always use safe viewing procedures. Be safe!

South East Earth and Space Consortium materials

- Be Safe in the Sun

The site covers a range of health topics, encouraging discussion and further activities as appropriate. It is aimed at P1-P3 pupils aged 5 - 7 years.
Observing the Sun for Yourself
Ginn Star Science (Infants) - Earth and beyond.
Ginn New Star Science Yr 3 – Light and Shadows Tasks 10-12
The Experimenter BBC2  Over the Moon  29.1.02 A Touch of Sun
Earth & Moon Viewer
What shape is the Moon? - Interactive Flash animation based on Concept Cartoons.
Concept Cartoons - Stars (12.12)
Worksheets  A1a (G) A1b (G) A1c (G)


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Vocabulary flashcards  

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All form part of SEES Group 6 CPD pack appendices A1.2 and B1.2.

Several of the files are in lower resolution versions for the web. Some of these files in 'Word' format, however, still have a large graphical component and may take a significant time to download unless you have access via a broadband connection. 

Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars cards 

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Sun Poem

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Sorting cards

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‘Day or Night (sheet 1)’

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Shape of the Moon card (adapted from Renfrewshire Pack)

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WALT Sheet

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Traffic light cards or construct from coloured card or plastic

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Equipment and Materials


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Earth sphere (bouncy ball globe) NES Arnold (AJH56672) £14.95 for pack of six
Toy figures


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Torches (rubber type) Local e.g. B&Q NA £3.98 each
Batteries Local e.g. B&Q Size AA  £6.98 for a pack of 24

Paper fasteners;  Card (for 2-D models and hats), Blu-tak, Scissors

 NA NA standard school art and craft resources
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