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Living things & the processes of life - Variety & characteristic features - Our environment - G21


ISE 5-14 Curriculum Support Materials                                                           Overview advice

Group 21 exemplar Living things and the processes of life  - Our environment (Word)

Ginn New Star Science Yr 6 – Food Chains: Interdependence and Adaptation Task 12
Biological keys - nice interactive stuff (make sure your speakers are on)- simple but not surprisingly with an Oz bias (needs Flash)

A key for identifying British trees & shrubs - SAPS

Sample class key, Notes, Using the key (pdf) - a wee bit advanced and American orientated but could be easily adapted for our shores and needs.

Worksheet E25 (G)

Irish Junior Science Service - Download Teacher Biology notes   Student Worksheets on investigation of variety of living things
Search across a range of media. Searching and researching
SR-E4.1-5 - ICT

Spotlight Science - 3f

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