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Energy & Forces - Conversion & transfer of energy - Electric circuits - G20


ISE 5-14 Curriculum Support Materials                                                           Overview advice

Group 20 exemplar Energy & Forces  - Electric Circuits (Word)

Borders - Electricity - Describe how electrical energy is distributed to our homes
Practising personal safety strategies PH-E1.1 - Health Education
Internet and CD Rom search SR-E4.1-5 - ICT

British Energy (need Flash)
Interactive basic circuits: what about the mains?

New Media - Multimedia Science School (reference only to CD-ROM based resource used in several LAs and schools) - Electromagnetic Spectrum - Not really part of Science 5-14 but can be used to further develop the idea behind Ef-E1.3 as the animation shows the whole electromagnetic family and its uses as the frequency changes.

Starting Science - GF-3.2
Spotlight Science - 2e

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