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Energy & Forces - Conversion & transfer of energy - Energy sources - G19
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1. The basic difference of course, is that we will run out of fossil fuels with in the foreseeable future but renewable energy sources can be endlessly used.

2. Despite all the advantages of renewable sources of energy they do have their own drawbacks.

Wind farms are very noisy and not everyone likes their intrusion on the scenery. Compared to a power station they produce very little electricity and a great number of wind turbines are needed to give a reasonable supply.

4. You would expect ideas such as using long-life bulbs, switching TVs, videos and computers off not leaving them on stand-by which in some cases uses up almost as much electricity as when they are fully on.

See the British Gas web site (

The children could do an energy survey of their own home and make up a set of questions such as - Do you leave lights on in rooms when no one is in them? - to ask their families.

You could also mention to the children the current energy saving symbols which appear on refrigerators., washing machines etc. These are now given an energy rating from A - G to show how efficient they are.

Ask at your local electrical store for further information.

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