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Earth & Space - The Earth in space - Space & the Solar System - G18



ISE 5-14 Curriculum Support Materials                                                           Overview advice

Group 18 exemplar Earth & Space  - Space & the Solar System - Earth Scale Diagram   Relay for Space  Scaled Sizes of Planets    Galactic Game Cards    Galactic Game Cards    Space & the Solar System (Word)

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive - NASA

A relay game for Space & the Solar System

New Media - Multimedia Science School (reference only to CD-ROM based resource used in several LAs and schools) - Planet Analyser - Simple to use database of the planets allowing tabular/graphical representation of data such as distance from the Sun, average temperature, no. of moons, density, gravitational field strength and time to orbit the Sun (in terms of Earth years).

Ginn New Star Science - Yr 6 – Forces in Action Tasks 5, 6, 8
Using library; Reading for Information; 
Discussion - Annotated diagrams, Note making - Eng Lang.
Scottish Space Foundation

NASA - Astromaterials Curation - Activities & ideas to explore meteorites from Outer Space which have landed in Antarctica

Spotlight Science - 15a, 15c, 15d
Starting Science - GF-12.3, FTE-9.2, FTE-11.2

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