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Energy & Forces - Forces & their effects - Friction & Air Resistance - G16
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Group 16 exemplar Energy & Forces  - Friction & Air Resistance (Word)

PIPS2_Energy & Forces  (access to videos - probably only suitable if you have Broadband or a great deal of patience!) - Part 2 - Angus and Pat (video 17MB) (video 25 Mb)

1. The simplest way for the children to experience friction is simply to rub their fingers along the carpet or desk. Friction is the force that stops their finger running freely and can make their finger quite hot. From this you can discuss other ways friction appears in our lives.

Firstly friction stops us doing things - our shoes slipping on every floor, cars from sliding all over the road etc. Without friction, it would be like living in a world of sheet ice. Our clothes would slip off, we would not be able to walk, bedclothes would slide off the bed, computers would slide about the desk.

We make use of friction to help us do some things and we work hard to reduce friction to help us to do other things.

2. Worksheet C16 (G) shows a number of different sports. Some of these need friction to make them possible - high friction - and some use equipment designed to reduce friction - low friction. The children could sort these pictures into these two groups either by selectively colouring - e.g. high friction sports blue, low friction sports red - or they could cut out the pictures and stick them into two groups.
Friction – Resisting movement - Teachers Helpsheet 4 - North Lanarkshire Council (pdf file)

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