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Earth & Space - Changing materials - The Earth & its Resources - G15
This is the Teacher's Guide for this targetThis is the Teacher's Guide for this targetTeacher's Guide


1. Refer to the ASE document ‘Be Safe’ for guidance on burning things in the classroom.

You may be able to use night-lights under close supervision (depending on the children you have). You could burn small strips of paper, some bread, fabric (fumes!) etc. Either borrow proper tongs from your secondary school science department or use suitable barbecue tongs. Have a fire extinguisher handy and make sure there are no loose flammable items in the vicinity.

2. Most fabric labels do not mention fire-risk with the exception of nightwear. All fabric used in furnishing must now carry a label to state its fire-retardant properties and so, if someone has recently had new furniture delivered, they may be able to supply you with some of those.

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