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Earth & Space - The Earth in space - The Earth & its Resources - G15
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Learning outcomes

  • Air is a mixture of gases found in the atmosphere

  • The main gases of the atmosphere are nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide

  • Other gases like water vapour and neon are found in the air in very small amounts

  • Nitrogen is a very inactive gas

  • Oxygen is needed for breathing and burning

  • Carbon dioxide is used in some fire extinguishers

  • Neon is used in fluorescent lights

 1. See table below for gases of the air.

See Planet Information Table for information about the atmosphere of the other planets.

Worksheet D7 can be used for the children to record a pie chart showing the relative amounts of the gases of the atmosphere.

Air =

78% - Nitrogen ( a gas which doesn’t react with other gases)

21% - Oxygen

1% - A mixture of other gases including Carbon Dioxide.

There is also an amount of water vapour in the air but the amount depends on the weather conditions at the time.

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