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Living things & the processes of life - Interaction of living things with their environment - Living on Earth (Animals) - G14a
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1. Thanks to programmes proliferating on the TV about animal rescue and welfare, a far greater number of children are informed about the care of animals these days.

It would be appropriate to start this lesson with a discussion about the living things in our environment - plants and animals and then to list ways that they can be damaged or hurt or displaced. Use worksheet C27 (G) to list some of the children’s ideas.

Some of the points you would expect to appear are -

* injury from vehicles
* poisoning from chemicals
* vandalism
* destruction of habitat

The children will probably have limited knowledge of world conservation matters and so try to pick examples which have meaning to them e.g. conserving rain forests in Brazil is a remote topic but keeping rubbish out of a local pond too prevent the ducks being injured is relevant. Biodegradable packaging is a good topic to consider because most children will have some experience of rubbish lying about and most are unhappy about it.

2. If it is not possible to get a speaker look out for science programmes which cover conservation since there are some excellent resources in these. The Edinburgh International Science Festival usually run workshops, shows, presentations, exhibitions, tours and demonstrations linked to the 5-14 Guidelines.

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