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Earth & Space - Changing materials - Mixing & Separating - G12
This is the homework for the targetThis is the homework for the targetHomework


PIPS2 Activity : To observe and record any changes, where applicable when steel wool is placed in contact with a liquid of the pupil’s choosing.

They will also test the effect of submerging the wool fully or halfway in the liquid.

Equipment supplied to children –

2 clear plastic cups
2 x 2.5 cm diameter balls of wire wool

Task to completed at home

Decide on one liquid which you are going to use in this homework. It should be something you would normally drink or have with food.

Put one ball in one cup and pour in the liquid of your choice to halfway up the ball.
In the other cup pour in your liquid until it just covers the ball.
Take care to keep the liquids at the levels you started with. Why do you think some liquids would need to be topped up.

Keep a diary over a period of one week noting what the ball and liquid look like.


Level E – describe what happens when metals react with oxygen, water and acids.

Ian J. Birrell & PIPS2 team
May 2003

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