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Living things & the processes of life - The processes of life - Plants & animals - G8


ISE 5-14 Curriculum Support Materials                                                           Overview advice

Group 8 exemplar Living things & the processes of life  - Animals (Word)

Ginn Star Science - (Infants) Ourselves and other animals
Ginn New Star Science - Yr 1 – Ourselves Tasks 1, 2
Cats’ Eyes BBC2 12.9.01 
Body Parts  Faces
Worksheet A14

Put Annie back together - BBC

Ourselves - BBC Science Clips -
Curriculum relevance | Online lesson plan | Offline lesson plan | Worksheet | Activity | Quiz
Personal Search. Exercise care and responsibility towards plants and animals in the school and its environment. The Natural World - RME
Observe and record from given sources e.g. each other, by drawing, painting and sketching. Art - Exp Arts

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