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Living things & the processes of life - The processes of life - Plants and animals - G8
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Help your child discover .... Plants (pdf file - 159K)

PIPS2_Living Things & Life Processes
Topic: Identify the main parts of flowering plants
School: St Nicholas Primary School
Age Range: Level B
Name of Teacher: S Hopkinson
As children collect a flower from their garden or from the school fields, children are asked to dissect the plant/flower and place each part on a card and cover with clear plastic.
Locate the Homework:
Examine a range of plants and identify roots, stem, leaves and flowers -> children identify each part of their specimen.

Topic: Living Things
School: Knightsridge Primary School
Age Range: P5
Name of Teacher: Wilma Missenden
Supply card, sticky back plastic (lamination) and a flower (e.g. daffodil). ‘Dissect’ flower at home, separating individual parts of the flower and sticking to the card using the sticky back plastic.
Locate the Homework:
Use ‘laminated’ card – label the individual parts of the flower.
Once it’s gone mouldy throw it out and use a labelled diagram. Match flower part labels to function of each flower

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