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Living things & the processes of life - The processes of life - Plants & animals - G8
This is the homework for the targetThis is the homework for the targetHomework


PIPS2 Activity 1: To measure the span of the family’s hands, compare size and link to growth.

Materials required - old computer-paper and pencil

The children were asked to draw round the hands of all their immediate family. They were asked to identify each hand with the person’s name. Pets could be included.

School follow-up

Lots of discussion about size and similarities and differences.

Children were asked to measure to the nearest cm the span of each hand and recorded it on the drawing.

Some made a table of results on paper, some did this using the spreadsheet tool on Clarisworks.

Hands were displayed on classroom wall.

A scanner could come in handy too (see image).

Same idea could be repeated with feet.

Muriel Cook

PIPS2 Activity 2 : To make a movable cardboard body of a boy or a girl wearing shorts and a top.

Materials required:
1. 1 A4 sheet of card
2. 8 paper fasteners
3. 1 plastic bag
4. a slip with activity 1 printed on it
The children were asked to make the model and return it to school.

School Follow Up

When the models came back the children discussed the external parts of the body e.g. the head, eyes, nose, torso, upper leg, shin etc. They also discussed what we used these parts for.

Activity 3 :

To label the models made with the main parts of the body.

1. model of the body already made
2. list of body parts
3. a glue stick/blu tac

The children were asked to attach the correct part to the body.
When the bodies came back children discussed the results.

Muriel Cook

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