Earth and Space - Earth in space - Sun, Moon & Stars - G6
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Exemplar Specification for ISE 5-14 Assessment Writing Team

Code for Assessment Items from the Renfrewshire 5-14 Assessment File.

Suggested Assessment Exercise from the South East Earth and Space (SEES) Consortium CPD materials for Group 6

The ‘Day or Night?’ template  (Word file  pdf  format) also available as appendix A1.1 in the SEES CPD Pack) could be used or the pupils could draw/paint their own picture depicting their understanding of what is in the night time sky. The finished work could be used simply for summative assessment i.e. the degree to which they have met the success criteria. Alternatively, additional comments could be applied and discussed with the pupils to produce a more formative type of assessment e.g. two stars and a wish. This latter technique has been working well in Scottish schools (see TES Scotland Plus (Oct. 10 2003), Strategies that keep children keen to learn).