Energy & Forces - Properties & Uses of Energy - Energy - G5
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Click here to meet the Activaters & the Doolittles1. The children will be keen to talk about how they feel when they are hungry or tired from exercise or play. This could be a good time to discuss dehydration since the children will probably be more thirsty than hungry after exercise and the importance of drinking water could be emphasised.

The idea of food as a fuel can be compared to a car needing petrol - given the right fuel it will run efficiently and well but given the wrong fuel it will not go well and might not go at all. Our bodies need the right sort of fuel called food - energy giving foods, body building foods and foods to regulate our body. You could turn this into a game in the gym.

2. Some food labels do list ‘Energy’ as an amount. Although the actual quantity means little to most people a useful comparison can be made between different foodstuffs.

3. The importance of eating before coming to school can be linked to helping your brain to work - brain-food if you like. Studies have shown that our brains function better when given a healthy breakfast!

In some households the children may not given breakfast on school days and perhaps some school scheme could be considered to ensure that no one starts on an empty stomach.