Living things & the processes of life - Interaction of living things with their environment -  Energy for living things - G5
Development of Target


LT-B3.2 Construct simple food chains
All energy in food comes from the Sun.
How to draw a food chain.
Food chains always begin with a green plant.


1 Pick a pupil and ask them to list all the foods they ate the previous day and show that all foods can be traced back to green plants. e.g. milk from cow from grass.

egg from chicken from grain from wheat plant.

2 Select familiar carnivorous animals and by questioning and using resource material, trace backwards as far as possible to find out the members of the food chain.
3 Copy some of the food chains provided by the pupils on to the board. Discuss the starting point of all the chains.
Elicit : all the energy in the chains comes from the Sun.
Point out that the arrows always point in the direction that the energy is flowing.