Energy & Forces - Properties & Uses of Energy - Energy - G4
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Group 4 exemplar Energy & Forces  - Energy (Word)

  1. Store catalogues are a good source of pictures for everyday uses of heat. The class ‘house’ corner and equipment could be used to reinforce the safety aspect of heat energy and ‘hot’ items could be labelled with red stickers or the word ‘hot’.
  2. Worksheet A8a (G) can be used for the children’s drawings of things which give out light energy. Other examples could be the Sun, the TV, lights at home and in school, car lights, computers, electronic games, some watches etc. It should be pointed out that many things which give out light also give out heat and vice versa and some things produce sound as well - e.g. television.

  3. Some popular music schemes have lessons and worksheets on loud and soft sounds which might be useful here.

    Worksheet A8b (G) can be used with the children as a colouring or linking exercise e.g. colour all the noisy things in blue etc. The picture cards on A8c (G) could be cut up, laminated and used for sorting activities.