Living things & the processes of life - Variety & characteristic features - Introducing living things - G2


Ginn Star Science (Infants) - Plant Life
Ginn Reception - Living Things
Cats’ Eyes BBC2 23.1.02 Is It Living?

Measure Me - BBC (pdf file)

Plants, growth . . . and needing some inspiration? - SAPS Primary Osmosis Newsletter (pdf)

Science through seeds BBSRC - Contact: Chantelle Jay , Schools and Community Links Officer
Personal Search - Exercise care and responsibility towards plants and animals in the school and its environment. The Natural World - Religious & Moral Education
Earth & Space - Materials from Earth - Recognise and name some common materials from living and non-living sources - (ES-A2.1)

BBC Science Clips - Variation
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Organise by sorting into specific sets. Info Handling - Maths