Living things & the processes of life - Processes of life - Introducing living things - G2
Development of Target


LT-A2.3 Give conditions needed by animals & plants in order to remain healthy


1 Class discussion on ways in which plants can be kept healthy and the jobs that pupils could do to keep the plants healthy.
2 Grow some seeds e.g. peas, beans, any flowering plant, in clear containers. Display diagrams of the seeds as they germinate and grow.
3 Do all animals care for their young? Discuss pictures of birds in nests, mammals with young, butterflies laying their eggs and leaving them.
4 Make a list of animals which do / do not care for their young e.g. fish, frogs, hens, ducks etc.
5 Do any of the pupils care for their pets? What do they do for their pet? Make lists/tables with the range of pets kept by pupils in the class and what care is given to them. Which are the most common? (feeding, grooming, cleaning the cage, playing with etc.)