Earth & Space - Materials from Earth - Introducing materials - G1
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Group 1 exemplar Earth and Space - Materials From Earth (Word)

1. It is important to start this lesson with a discussion on living/non-living things. What makes something alive? Is a car alive because it moves?

Worksheet A3aOn worksheet A3a (G) there are boxes which you can fill in with pictures or words e.g. a fish, a chair, a pig etc. before photocopying and the children can then colour in living things and non-living things whichever colour you choose. Use patches of colour at the bottom as a key for living and non-living. They can draw or stick a photo of themselves in the centre box and colour in as ‘living’.

Worksheet A3b2. Worksheet A3b (G) can be used for the children to write or draw some of the things they saw in their walk around the school e.g. windows made of glass.

Morris Minor Traveller had wooden frame to the rear of the car4. To do this, it is useful to have some idea of things a material would not be suitable for e.g. consider wood. Would you make computers, clothes, cushions, cutlery etc, from it? What properties does it have and why does this lead to it being used for things like furniture, window frames, boxes etc?