Earth & Space - Materials from Earth - Introducing materials - G1


ISE 5-14 Curriculum Support Materials                                                           Overview advice

Group 1 exemplar Earth and Space - Materials From Earth (Word)

Ginn Year 1 - "Building Materials" (P 92-96)
Ginn Star Science (infants) Materials.

Ginn New Star Science Yr1 – Sorting Materials Tasks 1,2
Yr 3 – Materials and their Uses Task 1
Cats Eyes BBC2 - 6.11.96 – Building Materials

Use a digital camera to take photographs of the school - ICT (levels C, D, E.)
Using Images of Children - What to Consider - BECTa advice

BBC Science Clips - Grouping and changing materials
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Make a picture or model of the school from materials collected - Expressive Arts.

Using the Digital Camera in the Primary Classroom

Digitizing the Primary Classroom

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