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ISE 5-14 Exemplar Material - Innovative Homework
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Parents’ page

Dear Parents,

We are learning about materials at school. "Materials" is another word for all the stuff in the world. It doesn’t just mean fabric — the kind of material you buy for curtains. Your child would like your help.

Here are some things you can do together. They are all to do with the different kinds of materials and how we use them. Try some!

  • Go on a materials hunt. Look for materials in your home. Look for wood, glass, brick, stone and plastic. Tricky, that last one. We can make plastic look like anything we please.

  • Go on a container hunt. How many different materials have been used for containers — from jam jars to paper bags, from cans to boxes?

  • Look for ways that materials have been made stronger. They may be curved or folded, thickened or shaped. An ice cream box has a strengthening rim, a fold that stiffens the side and webs that strengthen the corners.

  • Look for ways that materials have been made weaker. Find the easy openings on packets and cans or perforations on kitchen roll.

  • Look for materials that have been made to look like other materials. Is that shelf really wood? Is that shawl really silk? Notice how plastics have been adapted to look like "natural" materials.

  • Maybe you could contribute to an "Amazing Materials" collection at school. Look for some examples you could safely send in — nothing valuable or dangerous!

Thanks for your interest, which will help your child with their science.


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