Earth & Space - Materials from Earth - Introducing materials - G1
Development of Target


ES-A2.1 Recognise & name some common materials
from living+non-living sources


1 Teacher introduces the idea of living/non living and what is meant by ‘sources’ in this context.
2 Take pupils for a walk around the school and its immediate environment. Observe the buildings, roads, play areas etc. Ask the pupils to name some of the materials they come across and note these for future reference. See Scavenger Hunt.
3 Collect common materials we obtain from living things.
Make links between examples of common materials and pictures of their living sources.
Set up an interest table with materials grouped according to source - living and nonliving.
4 Choose an item made of a common material and investigate why we use this material for it. e.g. rubber, pencil, ruler etc.