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Living things and the processes of life
 The processes of life

Pupil Activity



mineral salt solution
sugar solution
plastic droppers
plastic dimple slide
plastic coverslips
ripe stamen from flower

  • Using the plastic dropper, suck up a few drops of sugar solution.
  • Put two drops in the well of the plastic dimple slide.
  • Taking a new dropper, suck up a few drops of salt solution and add this to the well with the sugar drops.
  • Mix these drops together with the dropper.
  • Suck up a little of this and drop a spot onto the coverslip.
  • Taking the anther from the flower, rub the pollen into the drop.
  • Turn the coverslip over and put it on top of the plastic dimple slide.
  • Examine the slide under low power of a microscope.

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